Dana Šimíčková


Prime Time Voice

Dana Šimíčková /s/, Taťána Roskovcová /ms/, Marta Marinová /a/ Jiří Kovář /guitar/, Jaroslav Šimíček /cbs/, Jan Dvořák /drums/

“Go after the inner power of music” is what connects them via old, forgotten yet unforgettable, new or newly discovered melodies by Berlin, Mancini, Silvestri, Klugh, Grusin, Metheny, Corea and many more. “Common denominator” of all arrangements is shift to jazz and thus the band casually floats through the genres. Thanks to this compactness in rendition of the songs their repertoire can with no hesitation handle both film melody and folk song or their own works. Pleasing acoustic sound enhances fresh repertoire, elaborate vocals and impressive jazz solos.
The singers collaborated (individually as well as together) with many significant figures of Czech and international art scene (Miloš Forman, Karel Gott, Ondřej Havelka, Petr Kotík, Jiří Linha, Libor Pešek, ..) The band introduced itself to the domestic festival and concert halls (Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Opava,..) as well as to those international ones (New York’s Carnegie Hall, Valencia, Paris,..). They joined forces with a trio of excellent musicians. The guitarist with exceptional skills who is a sought-after studio player, experienced contrabass player, composer, arranger and leader of the band in one person and last but not the least talented young drummer.

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